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Seoul Kids Jin-Hye Lacy Tutu Dress (2 pieces per set)


Latest outfit from Korea and Hong Kong Magazine, Perfect match for your kids to wear on any occasion!

Size 7:Lacy T-shirt 27cm Long , 30-34cm Chest (Suitable for kids 2- 3years old)

          Tutu Dress 48 cm Long, 30-35cm Chest

Size 9: Lacy T-shirt 29cm Long , 32-36cm Chest(Suitable for kids 3-4 years old)
          Tutu Dress 53 cm Long, 31-36cm Chest
Size 11: Lacy T-shirt 32cm Long , 34-38cm Chest(Suitable for kids 4-5 years old)
          Tutu Dress 59 cm Long, 33-37cm Chest
Size 13: Lacy T-shirt 36cm Long , 36-41cm Chest(Suitable for kids 5-6 years old)
          Tutu Dress 63 cm Long, 35-40 cm Chest
Size 15: Lacy T-shirt 38cm Long , 38-43cm Chest(Suitable for kids 6-7 years old)
          Tutu Dress 66 cm Long, 37-42 cm Chest
Care label  Please handle with care, do not bleach. Hand wash/machine will be preferred. 
Composition  100% cotton

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