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Mask Review: Tony Moly - Panda's Dream Eye Patch

Fri, 2014-10-03

Hi guys!!


Thanks you guys for reaching out to me ! If you have any enquiry about the items that i reviewed on do just drop me an email!  I will try my best to answer your questions(:


From time to time, Bloggers like me, or even OL who sits by the computer more than 6 hrs per day will sore or redness eyes very easily! And Has been statistically proven that will cause more dark pigment gather under your eyes(which is the eye bag) Okay don't panic!! I think most of us do have dark eye circle, just depends how serious it can be.



Of course there are several simple and convenient home remedies for improving the condition of dark eye circle! Well, to those readers that are just as lazy as i am a haha! Heres something goooooddd!!


Here we go!



Introduce to you the Tony Moly- Panda's Dream eye patch series! Each packet comes with a pair of eye mask, one for each side(: This is not a hydrogel mask, it is a allergy free mask sheet. They really got the cute name for this patch i think what they wanna imply is that Panda's dream is to get rid of their dark eye circle.....but maybe the Panda's dream is not to remove dark eye circle but to have more bamboo to eat? XD ahahha!





So from the above 2 photos, you can actually see how moist the patch is, just to let you know that you should remove the plastic film before you apply the mask sheet onto your eyes(:



And you should apply the eye mask just like what i did! ahaha you can totally skip the act cute part! xD don't puke okay? Here's a short youtube video too! 


So I leave it on for 10-15 mins, you may put it longer till 20 mins. Really depends on your skin's rate of absorbing the essence. Mines dry up around 14 mins! However, to my surprise after i remove the mask, they are still very moist!!!




This mask vitalise skin that appear dark and dull around eyes due to various elements. Also it does softer your winkles too since it hydrates your cells too!



Here the epic part of the post! I put one side of the eye 5 mins earlier than the other just to see if theres any difference! At least the redness of my eyes improves  A LOT! Thank goodness!! Overall, this eye patch does its job pretty well! Happy me! A step away from being Panda! 


You may purchase the mask @

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