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Sat, 2014-09-27

It has always my favorite testing out different kinds of mask! And usually i will buy hydrogel mask.

There are 5 great reasons why you should totally get hydrogel mask instead of paper sheet ones (Hydrogel masks are gel based masks)



1. Allows your skin to absorb the essence to the maximum potential.

2. It doesn`t suck your skin moisture out in return.

3. It comes with two pieces, which allows you to cover one piece on the upper part of face and another on the lower section of the face for better coverage of your face.

4.Restores hydration, elasticity, and bouncy skin effectively.
The ingredient of moisturizing and firming gel, which contains essence for easy penetration into the skin, provides plenty of relaxation and moisture to the skin by tightly wrapping the skin.

Seoul in Love provide wide range of Korean cosmetics to fashionable items in affordable price! Whats more they offer free shipping (: HURRAY! and they also provided the TONY MOLY INTENSE CARE GOLD CAVIAR HYDROGEL MASK for this review.


Personally i have Normally to dry skin! This mask is suitable for any skin type! This mask is very generous in the essence they provided with the mask! The essence are literally dripping as i was taking out the mask! And take note again, hydrogel mask always comes in two pieces, one for the upper part of face and the other for lower part.




Be careful when you separate them cause its really REALLY REALLY SLIPPERY! it is really so watery to that extend you might drop on the floor! 





Another face of me getting excited to try it out! I have not put on the mask yet on this photo, so lets call this a BEFORE photo! 




The Mask is super translucent after your skin begins to absorb its essence! The ingredient of caviar extract makes the skin looks smooth and radiant by supplying nourishment and elasticity to skin that is worn out! This mask contains gold as well! no kidding xD it is the Collodial Gold which helps restore the skin`s balance, strengthens the foundation of the skin, and restores health to the skin. 
And for those caviar experts who wants to know which fish does it came from, it is from the 
sturgeon fish, which contain highly concentrated pure energy. It improves the skin`s elasticity by providing nourishment to the skin as it contains omega-3, which can become depleted as our ages. It also contains essential amino acids and other concentrated quality nutrients




Some of the readers may ask do you wash your face before you put on the mask? and YES DEFINITELY! its becuz you should clean out your pores before putting all these good stuff into them (: And after that i will leave it on for 20-30 minutes take off the mask and tap gently excess amount of essence onto the skin. For those who have normal to oily skin, i will recommend you to wash off after you tap the essence onto your skin! You then can apply your own facial products if you wish (: 

There are too much good stuff all in one in this mask! Seoul in love is currently doing a promotion for this mask at 4.90 per piece and $42 for 10 pieces! Do Get them while stock lasts as their mask do often sold out quite often since their manufactured date is very very fresh!

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