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Korean Mask Review: BEYOND- The Real fruits

Sat, 2014-10-11

Hi guys!!


Here is another review on the Masks from Seoul in Love!! BEYOND is a recently established Korean brand which focus much on eco branding such as it is made without animal testing, no paraben, minimal chemical colorants and dermatologically tested! Some of their products even uses 100% pure cotton sheet, so readers who has allergic skin is a plus! Very gentle to skin!!



There are many flavour for this collection! For this review i tried Adlay (Which is also call Barley in many Asia countries(:





After trying 3 different brands from Korea, i have to conclude that KOREAN MASKS ARE THE BEST!! They are all juicy and not stingy with their essence at all! LOOK AT THAT! and to my surprise! Adlay has a hint of sweet coconut milk smell to it! made me soooooo hungryyyy....aaaa!!!!!!




Ahahaha!!!! as always i will put a BEFORE and AFTER photo! I put this on for about 18 mins! I felt that the mask is a bit dried up as my pores has absorb much into it!But same thing! To my surprise, when i took it off its still wet, so i put the mask on each of of hands for addition 5 mins! (Total 10 more mins)



This was taken few minutes after i had removed the mask! Still very moist:D




DONE! I end off with tapping the remaining essence into my face and this is the after picture of everything ((:  Can see thatThere is more radiance to my skin! is like Glowing :OOOOO and whitening effect is also very substantial.


Just a side note! Paper mask will dry up much faster than gel base! So for those readers who has dry skin condition, gel based mask is like the BEST!!


Oh and heres a video on this tutorial too! Still a noob here! 


Thanks for reading guys xoxo


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